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Welcome to Pollin' Gardens

  • What's Available?  Please refer to this list to know what plants are available.  Due to family circumstances this year, this list may or may not be up to date.  We apologise for any inconvenience. 

  • Our catalogue (under the "more" tab) lists the species we hope to have available this season. Some species listed may not be available and others that are available may not be in the catalogue. If you are looking for a specific plant please ask us via email. 

  • Our plants are grown from seed collected from native plants growing in our garden, on the wild spaces of our property or from local natural areas.  The majority of our plants are drought tolerant prairie species but we do have some species for shade and moist sites.  

  • Our process is as ecologically responsible as possible.  To that end, we sell our plants in hand made recycled paper pots with our own potting soil mix that limits our use of plastic and eliminates the use of peat. 

  • Prices:  $5/ plant or 5 for $20, with some larger plants or shrubs priced higher. Anyone with a current horticultural society membership card will receive a 10% discount. Cash, debit or credit accepted

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We are a small nursery specializing in growing plants native to Ontario.  Our aim is to increase habitat for insects and birds one home garden at a time.


New for 2023

 Pollin' Gardens will be open by appointment only starting Mid May.  

Plants may be pre- ordered via email and picked up at our home nursery by appointment only.   

Pollin' Gardens native plant nursery
Pollin'Gardens native plant nursery


Pollin' Gardens mission is to make it as easy as possible for your home to provide habitat for pollinators. We have large demonstration gardens that allow you to see how the plants actually grow. You are free to roam and explore by yourself or Brenda will be happy to give you a guided tour to learn more about each plant species and the insects that use them. Please note that the gardens are private spaces and some paths may be uneven. Touring the gardens is done at your own risk. 

Pollin' Gardens native plant nursery

About Us

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Pollin' Gardens started as a joint venture between myself, Brenda Near, my daughter Jessie and her boyfriend Thomas in the spring of 2021. We wanted to promote growing native plants to local home owners so they could create habitat for bees, butterflies and birds by increasing the biodiversity in their gardens. 


We grew and sold many healthy plants in our first year, donated plants to two school pollinator projects and created a pollinator garden at the Uxbridge Historical Centre. 

Jessie and Thomas are now on a new adventure, creating sustainable agriculture on their own homestead in Nova Scotia, but I am still here growing native plants from locally collected seeds and expanding my own gardens!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you grow a meaningful garden!


P.S.  We do know how to spell!  Our name "Pollin' Gardens" is a play on the words Pollinator and Pollen. 

The Plant People

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Pollin'Gardens native plant nursery Owner Brenda Near

Brenda Near

I have always loved the outdoors and nature. While studying visual arts at York University, I began a small gardening business, learning as I went. In the early 90's we moved to a 5 acre property near Zephyr, Ontario.  Gardens went in almost immediately but it wasn't until much later that I discovered native plants and the benefits they bring to the local wildlife. Now I am hooked on creating gardens that not only look good but ones that are teaming with insect life.


Jessie Pearson

Jessie completed her B. Sc. in biology at the University of Waterloo. She is passionate to the core about saving this beautiful planet and all it's creatures.

Class 10 Harvest BN1.jpg

Thomas Cornell

Thomas completed his Honours B. Sc. degree in environmental science and ecology at the University of Waterloo. His intersecting interests in citizen science, sustainability, ecology, native plants and their physiology have led him to pollinator habitat gardens as the most practical means to address the ongoing extinction crisis.


Neil Pearson

Neil is Brenda's incredibly supportive husband who is always there to lend a hand with the big jobs, like digging out yet another flower bed, creating our wonderful compost and building things.

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