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Plant Availability

   We are currently closed for holidays. 

We will re-open Thursday Sept. 1

With lots of new plants!

If you wish to come out during August, please email to schedule a time. 

Find descriptions for most plants in our catalogue found under the "More" tab.

Asclepias incarnata, Swamp Milkweed (Photo 1 ) (ONLY 1 LEFT)

Clematis virginiana, Virgin's Bower (vine) (Photo 2 ) (ONLY 1 LEFT)

Coreopsis lanceolata, Lance Leaf Coreopsis (Photo 3 )

Geum triflorum, Prairie Smoke

Helianthus giganteus, Giant Sunflower (Photo 4) SOLD OUT

Heliopsis helianthoides, Sweet Oxe Eye Daisy/ False sunflower (Photo 5)

Oenothera biennis, Evening Primrose (Photo 6) 

Ratibida pinnata, Grey Headed Coneflower

Senna hebecarpa, Wild Senna

Silphium perfoliatum, Cup Plant (Photo 7 )

Solidago flexicalis, Zig Zag Goldenrod 

Solidago rigida, Stiff Goldenrod (Photo 8 )

Symphyotrichum novae anglaie,  New England Aster (Photo 9)


Coreopsis tripteris, Tall Coreopsis

Campanula americana, Tall Bellflower

Verbena stricta, Hoary vervain

Recently added

Arisaema triphyllyum, Jack in the Pulpit Sold out

Asarum canadense, Wild Ginger

Echinacea purpurea, Purple Coneflower

Eupatorium rugosum/ Algeratina altissima, White Snakeroot

Monarda punctata, Dotted Horsemint/ Spotted Bee Balm

Solidago ptarmicoides, Upland White Goldenrod

Andropogon gerardiii, Big Blue Stem Grass

Schizachyrium scoparium, Little Blue Stem Grass

syrphid fly on Lance Leaf Coreopis.jpg
sweet oxeye 1.jpg
Giant Sunflower.JPG
Virgins bower1.JPG
cup plant 1.JPG
Stiff Goldenrod.JPG
swamp milkweed 1.jpg
bumble on new england aster.jpg
eve primrose2.jpg
bumble on new england aster.jpg
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